5 9 8 CALENDAR 1920
1-page ALS from Harry Schmidt. Invites Einstein to have
lunch in his home in Altona when Einstein changes trains in
Hamburg on his way to Kiel. [44 964].
ALS from W. S. Ting, Chinese Embassy, Copenhagen. Is
invited by Tsai, Rector of the State University of Peking
(Beijing) to lecture there. The request is forwarded on
behalf of Yuan Shih Tao, former vice minister of education,
who had enjoyed Einstein’s lecture in Berlin. [36 478].
September 12 2-page ALS from C. Z. Klötzel (Berliner Tageblatt). Ein-
stein is asked to intercede for Prof. [Raghunath
Parashuram?] Karwe who works for education of Asian
women in India with the Carnegie Institution. Apparently
they (Klötzel and Karwe) met with Einstein and Elsa in per-
son. [47 195].
September 13 1-page TLC. Leaves Berlin for a trip to Kiel, Bad Nauheim,
Stuttgart, Sigmaringen, Benzingen, Leyden, and Hanover.
Ilse Einstein to Vieweg publishing house, 19 October. [42
1-page TLS to Friedrich Schmidt-Ott. Cover letter of the
budget report. GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 1A, Nr. 1665, Bl. 45.
[77 959].
3-page TD to the KWIP board of trustees. Reports on the
budget for fiscal year 1 April 1919 to 31 March 1920.
Einstein’s salary was 5,000 M. GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 1A,
Nr. 1665, pp. 46–47. [77 960].
1-page TLS from Vieweg publishing house. Will make
arrangements according to Einstein’s wishes expressed in
his letter of 8 September, in Calendar. [42 060].
September 14 1-page TLS to KWIP board of trustees. Requests the
approval of 10,000 M for acquisition of equipment for Ger-
hard Hettner’s study of infrared spectra of gases. Also
informs that the board of directors has decided upon a
monthly salary of 250 M for Einstein’s secretary. GyBP,
I. Abt., Rep. 1A, Nr. 1657. [77 326].
September 15 Lectures in the Trade Union Hall in Kiel on “Raum und Zeit
im Lichte der Relativitätstheorie” at Kiel Autumn Week for
Arts and Sciences.
1-page TLC from Ilse Einstein to Hermann Thoms on
behalf of Einstein. Einstein will return in early November.
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