CALENDAR 1920 5 9 9
Being overburdened with work, he cannot fulfill Thoms’s
request expressed in his letter of 30 July, in Calendar.
[44 660].
1-page TLS from Vieweg publishing house. Transfers
567 M instead of free copies of the 10th edition of Einstein
1917a. [42 061].
before September 18 Friedrich Wachsmuth, Rector of the University of Frankfurt,
carried on negotiations with Einstein through correspon-
dence on Einstein’s invitation to the university. Georg Voigt,
Mayor of Frankfurt, to Löwenthal, 18 September 1920.
GyFU, Abt. 14, Nr. 140, Blatt 7, 29, 31, Nr. 139 (Trageser
September 18 2-page TLS from Zentralkomitee für das ärztliche Fortbil-
dungswesen in Preußen. Requests a popular lecture for
medical doctors on a Tuesday between 9 November 1920
and 22 February 1921, if possible on 11 January 1921.
[43 008].
September 19 The 86th meeting of the GDNÄ, organized in cooperation
with the DPG and the German Mathematical Society in Bad
Nauheim, begins with the meetings of advance committees
and of the executive committee of the DPG. Berliner Tage-
blatt; Physikalische Zeitschrift 21 (1920): 561.
September 20 Is invited to a discussion in the “Landeshaus” on American
support for German science organized by the German Red
Cross. Extract from Norddeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung of 21
September 1920, GyBP, I Abt. Rep. 1A, Nr. 937. [77 742].
Official opening of the 86th meeting of the GDNÄ in Bad
Nauheim. Berliner Tageblatt, EE.
1-page TLS from Freie Akademische Vereinigung an der
Technischen Hochschule Dresden. Gives thanks for agree-
ing to lecture there. Proposes dates for the visit. [43 574].
1-page ALS from Jacob Gottesman. Greetings for the
Jewish New Year. Now Einstein is the target of anti-Semit-
ism. To be a great man and a great Jew entails danger.
[43 792].
September 21 At the business meeting of the DPG in Bad Nauheim, par-
ticipates in the discussion of a proposed fusion of Zeitschrift
für Physik and Annalen der Physik. Verhandlungen der
Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft 1 (1920): 85.
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