6 0 8 CALENDAR 1920
KWG institutes, the KWIP envisaged one contribution to it.
Gives editorial guidelines. GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 4,
Mappe Haber. [78 065].
November 20 “Response to Ernst Reichenbächer, ‘To What Extent Can
Modern Gravitational Theory Be Established without
Relativity?’” (Vol. 7, Doc. 49) is signed.
November 22 2-page TLS from Wolfgang Ostwald. As a new editor of
“Klassiker der exakten Wissenschaften,” solicits Einstein’s
papers on the theory of Brownian motion and on diffusion
for republication. [18 492].
after November 22 TTrL to Wolfgang Ostwald. Agrees to above request and
sends reprints to be used for possible publication. [18 494].
November 23 Card from Methuen publishing house. Sends a check of
819.02 Dutch guilders as advance royalty for the American
edition of Einstein 1917a. Methuen’s card in its letter of 8
December 1920, in Calendar.
November 24 TLS from Allgemeine Studenten-Vertretung an der Techni-
schen Hochschule Dresden. Expresses thanks for agreeing
to lecture there on 5 January 1921. Asks for another date
that does not coincide with vacation time, thus lessening the
risk of low ticket sales. [43 576].
2-page TLS from Felix Ehrenhaft. As they agreed upon in
Bad Nauheim, Einstein accepted his invitation to lecture at
the Chemisch-Physikalische Gesellschaft in Vienna. His
honorarium will be paid from industrial money, without dis-
cussing it with the Gesellschaft. Lederer, Generaldirektor of
Westinghouse, attempted to contact Einstein in person.
Ehrenhaft asks to keep matters confidential. Forwards Karl
Beck’s invitation to the United States. [10 366].
1-page ALS from Harry Schmidt. Hans Reichenbach pub-
lished a harsh critique of his book Schmidt 1920 in Die
Naturwissenschaften (8 [1920]: 925). Requests to send the
editor a copy of Einstein’s postcard of 3 August 1920 appre-
ciating the book, to show the untenability of Reichenbach’s
opinion. [44 965].
November 28 2-page ALS from Herbert Fischer. Working toward his
graduation as chemical engineer at the Technical University
of Berlin-Charlottenburg, asks for an interview for the pur-
pose of securing Einstein’s intervention with financially
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