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128. From Louis D. Brandeis[1]
Washington, D.C., April 29/21
My dear Prof. Einstein:
I am asking one of my
to send you the data for which you ask—so
far as they are available
It was indeed a great pleasure to see you and Mrs
Most Cordially
Louis D. Brandeis
ALS. Brandeis 1975, p. 556. [35 029]. Written on letterhead “Stoneleigh Court Washington, D.C.”
[1]Brandeis (1856–1941) was U.S. Supreme Court justice and honorary president of the Zionist
Organization of America.
[2]In a letter to Felix Frankfurter, Brandeis identified Bernard Flexner as the person through whom
the data would be sent to Einstein (see Louis D. Brandeis to Felix Frankfurter, 5 May 1921, quoted
in Urofsky and Levy 1991, p. 75).
[3]Einstein had sent a letter to Brandeis the previous day (see Urofsky and Levy 1991, p. 75), in
which he apparently requested information on the alleged misappropriation of funds by the Zionist
Organisation, an allegation made by Brandeis at their meeting in Washington (see Julian Mack to
Leonard Stein, 2 June 1921 [91 378] [IsJCZA, A405/123/ ]).
[4]The Einsteins visited with him on 26 April. Emile Berliner, the German-Jewish American inven-
tor, brought the Einsteins to see Brandeis (see Louis D. Brandeis to Julian Mack, Stephen Wise, Jacob
de Haas, and Bernard Flexner, 26 April 1921 [NNAJHS, Stephen Wise Collection], and Emile Ber-
liner to Julian Mack, 16 June 1921 [IsJCZA, A405/123/ ]).
129. To Theodore Lyman[1]
, 4/V 1921.
My dear Professor Lyman,
Thank you for your letter of the
I will stay in Boston on the 17th and
19th inst. On one of these days I intend to go to Harvard to address your students:
I have been requested to do so by the Harvard Union and by the Liberal
would be a great pleasure for me to meet there colleagues and the authorities of the
I could spend in Harvard one morning (and afternoon, if necessary), but I can
hardly draw up my programme there from a distance. I shall feel grateful if my
time-table was settled by those bodies who invite me to come down. As to the best
day for my visit, that should be settled with Mr. I. Harris (5–7 Beacon str. Boston),
who is responsible for the arrangements for my work in Boston (in connection with
my mission in the interests of the proposed hebrew University of
Looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you in Harvard
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