(Illustrations follow p. 322)
1. Portrait of Einstein by Ferdinand Schmutzer, Vienna, January 1921.
(Courtesy Albert Einstein Archives)
2. Einstein with other members of the Zionist delegation to the U.S. on board
the TSS Rotterdam. Left to right: Ben-Zion Mossinson, Einstein, Chaim
Weizmann, and Menachem Ussishkin. (Courtesy Central Zionist Archives,
3. Einstein, New York, 27 April 1921. (Courtesy Library of Congress)
4. Official welcome by the mayor of New York for the Zionist delegation on
the steps of City Hall, 5 April 1921. Left to right: Weizmann, Mayor John
F. Hylan, Einstein. (Courtesy Corbis)
5. Sketch by Einstein during a discussion with Dayton C. Miller of Case
Institute on his Mount Wilson experiments, Cleveland, Ohio, 25 May 1921.
(Courtesy Robert S. Shankland)
6. Einstein visits the University of Chicago’s Yerkes Observatory, Williams
Bay, Wisconsin, 6 May 1921. Visitors and staff pose with the observatory’s
40-inch telescope, including prominent astronomer Edward E. Barnard
(eighth from the left), and in the center: Edwin B. Frost (director of the
Observatory), Einstein, Alexander W. Pflueger of Bonn University, and
Solomon Ginzberg. (Courtesy Yerkes Observatory)
7. Portrait by Orren Jack Turner of Einstein at the Yerkes Observatory,
Williams Bay, Wisconsin, 6 May 1921. (Courtesy Princeton University
8. Einstein with Ernest F. Nichols at General Electric’s National Electric Lamp
Association Park Laboratory in Cleveland, Ohio, 25–27 May 1921.
(Courtesy American Institute of Physics, Emilio Segrè Visual Archives)
9. Einstein with Elmer E. Brown, president of New York University, May
1921. (Courtesy New York University)
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