D O C U M E N T 1 4 5 J U N E 1 9 2 1 1 8 7
With warmest regards to you and to Mrs. Einstein, in which my
Faithfully yours
Morris R. Cohen
P. S. I enclose a German translation of this letter, but I don’t know which you will
find easier to read.
ALS. [32 444]. Written on letterhead “The College of the City of New York Department of
Philosophy.” A German translation of the letter in Cohen’s hand is omitted [32 446].
[1]This letter was returned to the sender and had to be re-sent in late July 1921 (see Doc. 190).
[2]Cohen served as interpreter when Einstein delivered four popular lectures on 18–21 April at the
College of the City of New York (CCNY). He summarized them in Cohen 1921a.
[3]Possibly Cohen 1916 and 1918 inter alia.
[4]The invitation to give six lectures at Columbia University was extended by Michael Pupin in
Doc. 138.
[5]Dunn was an alumnus of CCNY.
[6]Mary Cohen-Ryshpan (1880–1942).
145. From Richard B. Haldane
Westminster, 6 June 1921
Dear Professor Einstein,
I send this to greet you on your arrival in our
You will find yourself
as admired a figure here as in America; at least as much so.
I am looking forward to yourself and Mrs Einstein dining here on Friday
The Prime
and the Archbishop of
will I hope
be [here] to meet you, as well as representatives of the learned world. Would you
and Mrs Einstein be so kind as to arrive here, if convenient at 7:55. The other
guests will come a few minutes later, & my
& I would like much to see you
both first.
I enclose letters which have come for you.
I also venture to send you a book I have just published, on the philosophical im-
portance of the doctrine for which you have done so
With deep respect Yours truly
Queen Anne’s Gate is [in] Westminster, near the Houses of Parliament.
What will your address be in London?
ALS. [32 627]. Written on letterhead “28, Queen Anne’s Gate, Westminster.” There are perforations
for a loose-leaf binder at the left margin of the document.
[1]Einstein arrived in Liverpool on 8 June (Times [London], 9 June 1921). Haldane had invited the
Einsteins to stay with him in Doc. 130.
[2]For details of the dinner, see 10 June 1921 in Calendar.
[3]David Lloyd George (1863–1945).
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