D O C U M E N T 9 6 M A R C H 1 9 2 1 7 7
this ring cross-section:
whereby the Ampère windings of the coils and are made oppositely equal to
each other.
This appeals to me better than a ring with alternating
because harmful
angular momenta are much more likely to occur with the latter.
The mechanics could perhaps better be made, instead of with
with a por-
celain ring or with a number of metal clamps separated by insulation material ex-
ternally gripping by wedge action, e.g., like this:
On the 22nd I am traveling to America, mainly in order to attend meetings for
the founding of the University of Jerusalem. In May I shall then return home and
hope to visit you around July. Let’s hope our designer’s pains are overcome by then.
It would suit me very well if I could come to Munich at the beginning of November.
I had suggested June in a letter to Sommerfeld, which, as I hear, got lost[5] but
would be very glad if it were rescheduled to November. Cordial regards to you and
your wife, yours,
A. Einstein.
96. To Heinrich Scholz[1]
[Berlin,] 13 March 1921
Highly esteemed Colleague,
I reply to your inquiry with great pleasure,[2] since Schlick’s works appeal to me
so much and I value Schlick so highly, as a person as well, that I could not recom-
mend anyone for a professorship with better conviction than him.[3] In my view
Schlick’s importance certainly does not rest so much on his possessing, as virtually
S1 S2
porcelain ring
porcelain ring clamps
or bolts with nuts
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