D O C U M E N T S 1 0 0 , 1 0 1 M A R C H 1 9 2 1 8 1
100. To Maurice Solovine
[Berlin,] 16 March 1921
Dear Solovine,
I am returning to you
the signed
Please send
the money to Prof. Ehrenfest, Witte Roozen St., Leyden, with the remark that it is
intended for me. This happens because I need a lot of money abroad, esp. in Hol-
land and
and it’s simplest this way. I have the permission from the
On Sunday I’m departing already, so none of your letters will reach
me here anymore. In two months I hope to be back here
If I do deliver any
scientific lectures, it will probably be at Princeton University, which was the first
to invite
If you would like to write to me in America, a letter addressed to
the banking house Kuhn, Loeb, [& Co.,] New York, will reach
D[ear] Solovine, I am not a patriot either and confidently believe that the Jews
will be prevented by the smallness and dependency of their Palestinian colony from
becoming obsessed with
D. Solovine, I would like to chat more with you but I’m as hurried as a hare and
have to wangle every minute. Cordial greetings to you, for now, from your
A. Einstein.
101. From Maurice Solovine
Paris, 16 March 1921
Dear Einstein,
Since I haven’t yet received the papers you had the kindness to send to me, I
would like to urge you please to do your utmost to have them reach me as soon as
The safest way to put an end to the nonsense that these unqualified ras-
cals allow themselves to perpetrate with your ideas can only be through translation
of your work into
The already translated writings are in great demand
Serious, competent people are very glad to be able to draw your new mag-
nificent ideas from the source itself.
At the suggestion of a number of my friends, I must once again return to das-
tardly Fabre. Enclosed you will find an article by him published in the paper
LÊIntransigeant, where he imputes to you the stupidest
On this basis
you can write a letter to the chief editor of this
in which you most energet-
ically protest against his ignorance, in that he demonstrates ignorance not just of
your papers but also of the most elementary laws of physics; for if it’s possible for
rays to penetrate the thickest walls and rocks, it would be humanly impossible to
carry out such a thing.—The stupid dolt simply doesn’t draw any distinction
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