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between two entirely different things. Now he’s claiming everywhere that your
discoveries don’t even belong to you.
purportedly invented everything,
you had just developed his ideas. The fine, favorite rhetoric of dolts! What a despi-
cable guy!
I hope you have already received the 20 copies of my
Are you sat-
isfied with it? Do not hesitate to tell me frankly if you believe that any of your
thoughts have not been correctly rendered. I’ll try to remedy it in a subsequent edi-
tion, which will probably be necessary in a not very long time from now.
If you are inclined to finish off Fabre properly, [you] will find on the following
page the form in which you can do so. Would you please have this copied for me
on the typewriter? Once again best wishes for your journey and my most amicable
regards, yours,
M. Solovine
Kind regards to Miss Ilse Einstein.
Mr. Léon Bailby, director of LÊIntransigeant,
Esteemed Director,
I just read the article that Mr. Lucien Fabre published in your magazine of 31
August 1920. In it he attributes to me some extravagant and absurd discoveries that
would never even have crossed my mind. I protest most energetically to the unqual-
ified proceedings of Mr. Fabre to make such strange abuse of my name to gain pub-
licity for himself. What must competent readers in France think of me upon reading
wild fabrications of this type, which indicate a complete ignorance not just of my
work but also of the fundamental laws of physics. I sorely regret having put too
much confidence in him and having given him a short preface for his book, which
I did not have time to examine carefully.
Please be kind enough to insert this letter in the next issue of your magazine.
Allow me to express to you, esteemed Director, my gratitude in advance,
102. To Paul Ehrenfest
[Berlin, 17 March 1921]
Dear Ehrenfest,
We are arriving Tuesday midday in
You are sure to find us at the
train. If we miss each other, we can meet at Hotel Weimar, where we’ll at the very
least leave an address. I would be very happy to see you; but if it isn’t convenient
for you, just stay in Leyden.
Warm regards to you with all your dears from your,
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