D O C U M E N T S 1 4 7 , 1 4 8 J U N E 1 9 2 1 1 0 7
cational enterprise. And no one will deny the tenacious courage of our friend
But as a rule your observation is probably right.
Our office has moved into temporary buildings in a splendid verdant quarter. I
almost think, if you visited us here once, you’d apply again for a position at the
If only the foreign currency didn’t stand in the way of a
If, by
the way as I just read in an article, prices are roughly 8 x peace prices, and inflation
is still calculated as c. 100%, then the difference against here is still 2 1/2 (to 3)
times as much.
Did you receive a letter from me at the end of December or beginning of
Redshift: where did the papers by Perot, Fabri, and Buisson
I am
living in the wilderness.—And what’s up with the other puzzles, gyroscopic effect
of Ampère’s
Ehrenfest’s mystery? Is there any news about the quanta?
Cordial greetings from all of us! Yours,
147. From Arthur S. Eddington
[London/Cambridge,] 1921 June 12
Dear Professor Einstein
Here is the paper we were speaking about on Friday
Later on I shall be interested to hear whether it fulfils the favourable expecta-
tions you formed in our conversation about it. But I am sure you will be kept very
busy during your short stay in England; so do not trouble about it until you are more
at leisure.
You will I think be interested in the conclusion I come to in §12—that this work
is an extension, but is not in the slightest degree an emendation, of yours and that
ds is actually comparable at a distance (i.e.,
Yours sincerely
A. S. Eddington
Translator’s note: Original written in English.
148. From Paul Ehrenfest
Delft [Leyden?], 14 June [1921]
Dear Einstein,
Unfortunately I don’t know how long you’ll still be in England. But I hurry to
inform you anyway of the following:
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