D O C U M E N T S 1 6 1 , 1 6 2 J U N E 1 9 2 1 1 1 7
161. From Joel J. Joël[1]
Lübeck, 10 König St., 28 June 1921
Esteemed Professor,
My brother-in-law, Hans
asked me to look for a suitable summer
apartment for you and informed me of your
After surveying all our fine
lake-studded environs, I finally became persuaded that no region would meet your
requirements better than Ratzeburger
So, on Sunday I traveled there with
my wife, and we found in St. Georgsberg directly by the
a 3-room apartment
with kitchen, balcony, and glass-paneled veranda that ought to satisfy you. There
is no choice because all vacant rooms have been expropriated there as
also inquired at the tourism agency in
and may get other addresses
through them as well.
The apartment we viewed costs 25 marks daily. Bedding, as it is normal now
everywhere, have to be brought along. The landlord owns a good rowboat. At a boat
rental in Ratzeburg, very nice little Schwert sailboats can be leased, which I veri-
fied. I shall still be receiving information about the rate charged for these boats.
Ratzeburger Lake, which is about 10 km long and also has a smaller
surrounded by the most beautiful old beech woods in which one can take long
walking tours on well-prepared pathways. In the town of Ratzeburg
which St. Georgsberg is a suburb, all the essentials of life are available. St. Georgs-
berg is extremely quiet, has almost no traffic, but lies very prettily on the shore of
the offshoot to the large Ratzeberger Lake mentioned above.–
If you would like me to rent this apartment for you, please let me know soon.
Otherwise I am perfectly willing to continue looking elsewhere.
In great respect,
Dr. Joël.
162. From Maurice Solovine
Paris, 39 Blvd. Port-Royal, 28 June 1921
Dear Einstein,
I thank you most warmly for the kind permission you have given me to translate
the lectures delivered in Princeton into
As soon as you have written down
a part of it, I would like to request that you send it to me so that I can finish off the
translation before my departure for
I shall submit it to you as a manu-
script for your perusal, as you wish. The publisher Gauthier-Villars would like to
publish it as soon as possible.
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