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167. From Maja Winteler-Einstein[1]
Fiesole, Casa Giov. Manuelli, via G. verdi, 3 July 1921
[Not selected for translation.]
168. From Arnold Sommerfeld
Munich, 4 July 1921
Dear Einstein,
I have two big requests. You already know one of them: that you come here in
November to deliver a lecture for us. Audience: colloquium and a few science
clubs, Engineers Association, the Association of Medical Doctors, Bav[arian] mid-
dle-school teachers, hence not an absolutely lay public. Honorarium as agreed
If you are inclined to deliver a guest lecture to a more general stu-
dent audience, therefore without any mathematics, I would initiate that, as well; it
would be gratefully received. The main thing for me is that we can make the
for the colloquium, planned already for this June, a reality. Anschütz would also be
very pleased if his grant could prove itself beneficial
You, please, determine
the time. If November cannot be, then let it be another winter month.
Another request: I enclose a small newspaper article that I had written and
It would naturally gratify me if it were reprinted in an English periodical.
I shall see that it appears in Sweden, Switzerland, and Holland. I happened to read
the complimentary review in the Athenäum about your
I think the Athenäum
cannot refuse if you wrote to the editors that at the prompting of a German friend
you are requesting a reprint. This is not a matter of political opinion, you know, but
of pinning down facts. And there are enough people in England who are sick and
tired of Northcliffe’s distortion of the
especially now after it has attained
its purpose and the English have reaped in their enormous profits. Our American
colleague is Prof. J. Kunz from Urbana
Herzfeld’s experiment on your magnetic effect had a negative result. Although
we had a definite radiation of roughly = 1400 m, within the expected order of
magnitude, it ultimately turned out to be the amplifier’s
I repeated my relativity talk, which I had to offer in a lecture cycle this summer,
and both times had c. 1,200 auditors. It is also being
The philosopher
Geiger cooperated with me; he will be sending you his brochure one of these
You are not likely to agree with his tailoring of Kant’s apriorism to your
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