D O C U M E N T 1 7 1 J U L Y 1 9 2 1 1 2 3
ing my disdain in a personal letter to
The sooner you, damned Jew, disap-
pear with all the other German Jews university professors to Jerusalem, the better
for Germany and for German students. You are not a German, but a Jew, whose
genuine oriental mentality perversely undermines the ethical conceptions of the
Anglo-Saxon race—the guilt for the World War and Germany’s ruin can only be
ascribed to the influence of the Jews in G[ermany].
With customary Jewish cynicism you thank the Americans for their hospitality
and for the favor they granted you; or do you believe that your judgment is deemed
interesting because it stems from a great man (only in your imagination)? Every
Jew goes crazy when he believes he has become “famous.” It won’t be long before
the philos. theory of relativity “discovered” by you is branded as a Jewish
Off with the Jews! must and will be the motto for the next years to come—bon
voyage to Jerusalem for you.
171. From Heinrich Zangger
Zurich, 8 Zürichberg Street, 7 July 1921
Dear friend Einstein,
I never replied to your letter from your America tour. I am glad if you can use
your standing in the world to clear up the current confusion of human values; only
then can I forgive that your working tranquillity is being stolen from you, which
was the most important & precious thing for you in Zurich. That you found out in
America that the redshift you had predicted has also been confirmed is, of course,
one more gratification for all who know
The redshift fits thoroughly Weyl’s interpretation too, better than if it weren’t
Doesn’t your last paper at the Academy reconcile even better with
Weyl’s interpretation than it seemed to you
When you come to Zurich
again, I have to pose many questions to you, as always. In the last few years I have
been able to follow Debye’s new research in various directions, trying to assimilate
recently established results with my earlier experimental
What impresses
me most in the discussion now is the limitations of Bohr’s conceptions of the prob-
lems of structure; they dictate me so much in my whole disposition & development.
Are there really no unifying & tangible results today on molecular forces in
Debye’s sense? For the latest observations on the Kerr effect, Bautenier, & electros-
triction really are quite important. We have many discussions about crystalline
structure, of course, the possible proofs by means of changes & physical influ-
I hope you returned safely, your mind full of ideas.—Security.
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