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war. No educated Englishman believes in the war fairy-tales or attaches much
importance to such petty things. During my stay in England I experienced the fact
that the scholars there are mostly less prejudiced and more objective than our Ger-
This is not even surprising, since they are in every respect in the easier
situation. I must point out, though, that a formidable group of English scholars of
standing are pacifists and refused to fight in the war, e.g., Eddington,
Had you been there, you surely would also feel that it is not appropriate to approach
these people with such trivialities. What the public at large thinks, I do not know.
But there has been immense lying over here as well, without repudiations, and it
would certainly not be very productive if we now joined forces to pull all the dirty
laundry that accumulated during the war out into the light of day. In any case, I can-
not offer my hand to do so, and beg you in the interest of the restoration of good
international understanding to let this fruitless matter be. Everywhere in America
and England I encountered an honest will to communicate, a respect for the intel-
lectual workers of Germany, and an admiration for your scientific research as well
as sympathy with you
So, away with the old bitterness. One can do
this without compromising oneself in the least!
I never once believed in the possibility of a positive result from Herzfeld’s exper-
iments, also because the inverse effect is too small as well, of course. The devilry
is rooted deeper
It surprises me that Mach did not favor the theory of relativity. For this chain of
reasoning lies entirely along his line of thought. I am curious how he arrives at his
The trip was hugely exhausting but a good success, so I am glad now that I
undertook it. Don’t be offended by my point of view regarding the article; one can-
not act like that against one’s own convictions. If only I had the ability to convince
you as well!
Cordial regards, yours,
A. Einstein.
176. To Joachim von Winterfeldt-Menkin
Berlin, 13 July 1921
[Not selected for translation.]
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