6 V O L U M E 1 0 , D O C . 2 3 2 a D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 0
The money Mama received since she’s been back is:
from Mr.
Fr. 600.–
from Auer Company Fr. 1 000.–
Fr. 600.–
Fr 2 200.–
less for taxes (semiannual) 200.–
remainder Fr. 2 000.–
At the current rate of
that’s very little for 3 persons for 5 months. So I
hope you understand me now and won’t hold it against me.
I can’t arrange for an extended vacation; Mama is going to do it for me
So we’ll be coming on the 5th or 6th, I
Also write me whether it’s possible
to play music there and whether I should maybe bring some scores along. You
could arrange for the violin. I haven’t been able to go to the consulate because I
always have school during office
In any case, the fees are high, over 30
francs per visa, I heard from acquaintances. It would be good if you filed a petition
for a reduction as soon as possible.
If I still don’t find the time to go to the consulate in the next few days, I Mama
will go.
Lots of love from
Vol. 10, 232a. From Hans Albert Einstein
[after 25 December
Dear Papa,
I haven’t answered your letter until now because I was on a school excursion
over Christmas. Nor is it particularly easy to answer
We already discussed last
year your suggestion of leaving
Mama definitely wants me to take my
I also find this most favorable, as I wrote
We do understand
that our expenditures are a great burden for you but we must also take our own
needs into consideration; and before we let ourselves in for any change, we want to
look around seriously now whether it wouldn’t be possible for us to earn something
here and cover at least part of our consumption.
Your suggestion is not easy to carry out in another regard as well. For it’s impos-
sible for us to rent out our apartment
because the landlord doesn’t
Already last year he made an exception and allowed us to do it [just] for
a short
In addition, we wouldn’t be able to get a permit from the city to rent
out the apartment, because just recently very stringent regulations about rentals of
furnished apartments were
So if we went away from Zurich, it would
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