1 2 D O C U M E N T S 1 0 , 1 1 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 1
9. To Urania in Vienna (Ludwig Koessler[1] )
Berlin, 5 January 21
[Not selected for translation.]
10. From Paul Zacharias[1]
[Nuremberg], 6 January 1921
Dear Professor,
I just discovered the enclosed notice in the paper, which I request be returned,
and therefore take the liberty of most respectfully requesting your response to a few
Are you a member of the New Fatherland
Are the newspaper’s reports on Mr. Lehmann-Rüssbuldt’s statements accurate?
Was Mr. L.-R. commissioned to speak in the name of the
Do you personally, if the newspaper’s information is correct, state that you are
in agreement with the content of Mr. L.-R.’s information, as well as with the fact
that he addressed the same issues to the agent of the
I owe you an explanation for the reason I pose these questions to you. I am firmly
convinced that certain quarters, whom I do not need to describe more specifically,
are going to make use of this notice for attacks that are also going to be directed
against your person. In order to be able to counter such attacks on the spot if
I would like to be precisely informed.
For the time being I regard this newspaper notice as a quite usual erroneous press
With respectful regards to you and your esteemed family, also from my
yours very truly,
Dr. Zacharias.
11. To Elsa Einstein[1]
[Prague, 7 January 1921]
Dear Elsa,
After a successful trip I arrived quite well and healthy in Prague, where I was
awaited by Frank and his young wife, Pick, and a few
I traveled with the
Yesterday evening I was invited with the local friends to go
to the
where it was very festive. I like it indescribably much. I am
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