1 6 D O C U M E N T 1 9 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 1
is on the right track in the manner of caring for these children. We check this
against the result; the calm steadiness of both children’s emotional development,
their firm sense of will, and the fine intellectual maturity toward which they are
advancing. I believe this tranquil continuity is of greatest importance, and I would
really fear seeing this continuity interrupted now; I do not believe that Albert could
be removed from the Zurich preparatory school and thrown into an entirely new
milieu, in a new school environment, without risking an important part of his emo-
tional life, and cause his fine receptiveness to harden or develop in an undesirable
I think, if ever possible, he should finish preparatory school here, at least to
avoid risk, if not harm. Little Tete’s health is not very stable; I have a feeling,
though, that he has adjusted well to our climate now and you should only in the dir-
est emergency conduct the experiment of removal into an entirely different
You must forgive my impositions into your affairs, but as a kind of watchman we
must report to
while it is completely clear to us how difficult any reflection
is, because of the money issue. My Berlin friends (Dr. Ernst
told me:
if I had children, they would have to stay as long as possible in Switzerland to be
raised in the Swiss mentality which is so important for children. I particularly think
highly of Dr. Hoffmann’s advice, because he is considered an important educator.
We send you our most respectful greetings, with warm regards from your
I happily confirm every one of my husband’s words and send you my wishes with
the same cordial remembrances.
Johanna Zürcher-Siebel.
18. To Friedrich Michael[1]
Berlin, den 17. 1. 21
[Not selected for translation.]
19. From Arnold Berliner[1]
Berlin W9, 23/24 Link St., 17 January 1921
Dear Mr. Einstein,
The report by the Physikalische Zeitschrift about the [Bad] Nauheim discussion
is so fragmentary and in places so garbled that, without attacking
one can
describe it as
The fault also ought to be directed less at Debye than at
Hirzel, who did not make the necessary space
In the interest of the
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