D O C U M E N T 6 1 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 1 5 3
sity presents itself that I travel to America for the sake of participating in the found-
ing negotiations for a university in Jerusalem. There is certainly the possibility that
I deliver a few talks there but in any event only of modest
In thanking you cordially for your kind willingness to oblige, I convey amicable
A. Einstein.
The draft deviates at this point as follows: “but I have decided not to go to America at least for the
time being, especially since in my not very stable health it would far exceed my powers to follow all
the invitations that have reached me from there. This decision was very much eased by the informa-
tion contained in your letter that the time was not yet ripe for a scholar residing in Germany to visit
America. On the other hand, as a pacifist I do regard it as my duty to contribute, to the best of my
abilities, toward repaving the way toward international ties.”
61. From Lucien Fabre[1]
Pont de L’Arche (Eure), 23 February 1921
My dear & great Master,
I send you under separate cover a copy of the volume that I devoted to your
The work constitutes, as you might know, an elementary exposition; a
history that you have read; some mathematical & logical details; a philosophical
Not having received any response from you when I asked you to give me a
I first thought of asking this of one of my friends at the Academy; but
what name is there to take that yours does not put completely in the shade? I finally
resolved to reproduce, purely and simply, the letter that Mr. Oppenheim had com-
municated to me for
erasing the names of Guillaume & Varcollier, whom
Thus the book belongs entirely to you. I hope that this homage is
agreeable to you.
I might inform you, if this interests you, that it is a very great success. All those
whom France counts as intellectuals, disgusted by “vulgar vulgarizations,” are
interested in it. Thus perhaps your name will not just be known but understood.
May it please the gods to make my work worthy of yours!
I learned that you stopped by in Paris & that you will return
How happy
I would be to see you! Please do me the honor of informing me of your next visit.
I shall be staying in the country for still some time, but a word from you would
suffice for me.
Please find here a renewed expression of my admiration,
Lucien Fabre.
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