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62. From Gilbert N. Lewis[1]
[Berkeley, California,] 23 February 1921
My dear Professor Einstein,
Many things have happened since the very pleasant Kneipe [bar-room chat] that
I had with you and Bredig in Zurich. Not the least of these is the wide-spread accep-
tance and appreciation of your theories, which has delighted me and for which I
offer you my sincere congratulations.
I learn by this morning’s paper that you are going to be in this country in the near
I hope that on this occasion you will find it possible to visit California. It
is a wonderful country, and I am sure that if your time permits you would find the
trip across the continent of much interest.
If you could arrange to come it would be a great pleasure to me to offer you such
hospitality as our home affords, and I could arrange with the University to pay your
travelling expenses from the Atlantic coast, without any obligations on your part,
such as formal lectures. It need be nothing more than a pleasure trip.
With cordial regards, I am, yours very sincerely,
Gilbert N. Lewis.
Translator’s note: Original written in English.
63. From Chaim Weizmann[1]
[London,] 23 February 1921
Extremely happy about your
our friends and I wholeheartedly appreci-
ate your readiness at such a decisive hour for the Jewish people. Stop. Journey must
be delayed by about one
Book berths yourself in accordance with your
wishes and cable details. Please inform your wife that pleased about her attendance
wife is also
64. To Theodor Wulf[1]
[Berlin,] 25 February 1921
E[steemed] C[olleague],
Your article in the Astron[omische]
seemed so naive to me that I
was, quite frankly, surprised that the journal accepted it. The gravitational field is,
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