D O C U M E N T 7 1 M A R C H 1 9 2 1 5 9
tation. I am completely aware of the great sacrifice you are willing to impose upon
yourself with this journey; but I am also firmly convinced that the results thereby
achieved will fully justify my request and your acceptance for the sake of a Hebrew
University in Jerusalem, which, as is known to me, is a matter close to your
Your intervention in America on behalf of our university at this moment, I am
entirely convinced, will be of decisive
and I regard it as a special
honor and great privilege to be permitted to work together with you on this historic
It delights me to hear that you will not dispense with your
caring atten-
dance. In order to alleviate the trip and the work in America somewhat further, I
would like to offer you a secretary, namely, our secretary for university affairs, Mr.
who is thoroughly familiar with the details of our university
plans and its preliminaries (in academic, financial, and personal matters) and who
would therefore be able to provide you with all the necessary information con-
nected with any questions that might arise. Mr. Ginzberg would be most happy to
place his services at your disposal toward facilitating your work in America.
I would be most obliged to you, highly esteemed Professor, if you would inform
me by telegram of your decision about this point. If this decision finds favor with
you, as I hope, I will arrange to have Mr. Ginzberg meet with you either in Berlin
or in Holland, whichever suits you best.
I look forward to meeting you on March 24 in
and am in utmost
respect, yours very truly,
Ch. Weizmann
President of the Zionist Organization.
71. To Paul Ehrenfest
[Berlin,] 1 March 1921
Dear Ehrenfest,
First of all, tell our Russian colleague that I took care of the entry permits for the
other Russian physicists long ago and have received the approval from the local
My short tour to Amsterdam was extremely harmless, you
Anyone here and anywhere else may know about it; it wouldn’t even interest you.
You may depend on it that I will never compromise our dear Dutch
or dis-
appoint them by any kind of breach of trust. But another business is up that you’re
going to give me a scolding about. I’m traveling on March 23 together with my wife
to America to help the Zionists with their dollar collection for the university in Pal-
estine and am therefore compelled to delay my talks in Leyden and be absent from
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