D O C U M E N T 1 2 6 A P R I L 1 9 2 2 1 2 5
In the notice, I wrote that such temperature dependence occurs according to the
same law and the same principles from which one concludes that the density of a
heavy gas was greater below than above. I really do not know how I could be more
I believe it would help matters if you would define your position more precisely.
I am afraid that you are now going to have very many things to do in Paris and
that that surely interests you more than the little tiff that this letter relates. Never-
theless, I do believe that this business is of some interest, too, if only due to Nernst’s
position; and I hope that you can comply with my request of relaying your stand-
With best regards, yours very sincerely,
P. Debye.
125. From Beatrice Jahn-Rusconi Besso[1]
Firenze, 31 March 1922
[Not selected for translation.]
126. To Paul Langevin
[Paris, 1 April
Dear friend Langevin,
My wife wrote to you and surely expressed
they may only be
attended to from the vantage point of lyrical poetry. I am sending you a letter from
me to Pictet with the request that an entry ticket to the discussion be enclosed for
It is good that you do not have to go to the photographer but it is a shame how
much time you must be spending on organizational work. I have a bad conscience
that I am not helping matters.
Cordial regards and auf Wiedersehen today at noon. Yours,
Please, also one invitation to Dr. Moscovici, Arcueil-Cachan (Seine). (If possible;
he is a friend of Solovine’s and 0.5 versed.
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