D O C U M E N T S 3 6 , 3 7 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 2 5 9
35. From Koshin Murofuse[1]
471, Omori-Iriyamazu, Tokio-Fu, Japan. [around 26 January
[Not selected for translation.]
36. To Emile Berliner
Berlin, 26 January 1922
Highly esteemed Mr. Berliner,
I am extremely pleased that you are supporting our university in such a magnan-
As soon as I was informed by Prof. O. Warburg’s
I immedi-
ately contacted Mr. Weizmann about the best way to use the sum. In both of our
names, I ask you please to send me the money in dollars with the reference: “For
the university in Jerusalem.” This reference is necessary for tax reasons. If you
agree, the money will be used for the equipping of the physico-chemical depart-
ment. We are convinced, in view of the institution’s function as a whole and the
high procurement costs, that an institute catering purely to the needs of physics is
still premature. Therefore, we decided for now just to establish one joint institute
for physics and physical chemistry. If you approve of this allocation of your grant,
we shall soon purchase with this money, here in Germany, apparatus, books, as well
as tools and machines for the workshop and send them to Jerusalem as soon as pos-
sible, where the furnishing will begin very soon, once the interior redecoration of
a building available for our purpose has been
In expressing my high respect, I am, with kind regards to you and your family,
37. To Paul Ehrenfest
[Berlin,] Thursday. [26 January 1922]
Dear Ehrenfest,
You were entirely
Today I discovered that there was another mistake in
upon correction of which one finds that the motion does not
influence the trace of the rays and the wave normal at
It really is an insidious
problem, though! Now I want to publish the theory completely nonetheless, so that
the matter is finally cleared
Cordial regards, yours,
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