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85. Message for French Delegation
[Berlin, before 22 July
[Not selected for translation.]
86. “Comments upon the Present Situation in Europe”
[Einstein 1924q]
Dated before 22 July 1923 with the exception of the last sentence
Received after 4 January 1924
Published before 29 October 1924
In: Menschen und Menschenwerke, vol. 1, p. 200. Vienna: Verlag “Menschen und
Menschenwerke,” 1924.
[See documentary edition for English text.]
87. To Max Born
[Berlin,] 22 July 1923
Dear Born,
My bad conscience was not strong enough, nor was my wife, to set my lazy flesh
in motion to finally answer your very nice
but your postcard, dear Mrs.
gives me a proper jolt. The powerless pang of bad conscience is the only
small negative sensation I get, however, when I think of either of you. For, not only
have you always been good and kind but you have also contributed in physics, mu-
sic, prose, poetry, and companionable gemütlichkeit toward the refinement of this
remarkable existence. Things are going quite well with us. In science, I currently
have a very interesting problem connected with the affine field
exist for understanding the terrestrial magnetic field and the electromagnetic bud-
get of the
and testing this interpretation experimentally. But the experiment
I thank you cordially for the nice invitation, also in my wife’s name.
But I do still have to sit here for a while, in this teeming hive, where one almost
goes mad from all the visitors, correspondence, and phone calls.
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