9 2 D O C U M E N T 9 0 J U LY 1 9 2 3
convenient for you if the printer’s proofs of Eddington’s book were simply for-
warded to you as soon as the printing begins (which will probably take another 2
months)? You can then easily form your own idea of how best to go about it. Inci-
dentally, Springer is, of course, willing to compensate you for your contribution ap-
propriately. Should he make specific proposals to you about it? You probably read
with great amusement the letter by Lenard that I forwarded to
With cordial regards, very sincerely yours,
R. Courant.
90. From Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe
Lautrach Castle, 24 July 1923
Dear, esteemed Professor Einstein,
So, Albert is coming over here on the 28th, i. e., next Saturday, as you can gather
from the enclosed letter.[1] It seems to me that I was right with my suspicion that
he was under a strong influence when writing that letter to
Now I only request directives of you as soon as possible on what I should advise
Albert if he shows good intentions about making amends for his blunder. That nat-
urally depends very much on your travel arrangements. Time is perhaps too short
to travel to Berlin and, in the end, it is also quite expensive, as new fare increases
are on the doorstep, on August 1st. Simply keep him here, especially if Teddy[3]
would be coming along soon as well? That would surely only be feasible if he has
seen the necessity to say his pater peccavi.[4] Maybe it would be best if he wrote
you and asked for permission to be here with you? In that case he would have to
direct the letter to Munich, 6 Leopold
St.![5] I fear I am not going to be able to leave
here easily, as Prof. Martin wants to come next Thursday for about a week;[6] he is
very much looking forward to seeing you once again. But your quarters in Munich,
in the secret chamber, are prepared; please just send a card to the address: Miss
Wally Schöberl, 4 Habsburger Street/studio, so that you will be expected at 6 Leo-
pold St./III. Perhaps I can also send Albert there to join you; he can be accommo-
dated very well in the apartment. And Wally is the factotum of good friends of ours
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-------- -– + + β2ϕ =
x Vt x′ +=
x′ x Vt –=


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