1 0 0 D O C U M E N T 1 0 0 A U G U S T 1 9 2 3
ourselves, since we can’t stop the poor mark by frowning
There seems
to be hope that the physicists’ convention in Bonn will be canceled, after
Then I won’t need to go there. Send the children money if they’re still
that they don’t get into an awkward position, not less than 10 mill[ion].
Best regards to all of you from your
100. To Elsa Einstein
Lautrach Castle, Tuesday [14 August
Dear Else,
My last
unfortunately left late through a mishap. It would be better if
you withdrew interest rather than cash from
I always did want it that
way. Over here it’s constantly splendid, even the weather—to the point that our wa-
ter ran out. The emergency can’t get too dire, though, because the Iller flows by—
very close by, at least. On Friday
and I are leaving, the latter to Zurich, I to
Munich. Sunday or Monday I hope to arrive home. Albert is staying here until we
both go to Kiel, ¢during the first third² in the first days of
He’s more
strapping than ever and his behavior is completely impeccable, simple, friendly,
and industrious as well. Were it not for the bad influences, he would have been an
ideal son. But I can be very satisfied with him even so. It’s quite nice with Som-
merfeld and
they’re just too intellectual, too pretentious. But we get on
very well. My shoes are torn, particularly since—as it turns out—they have soles
made of cardboard, except for the outer layer! They are being mended right now.
In the interim I’m walking about barefoot. I’m hardly elegant anyway, though,
which doesn’t matter at all. I’m planning an experiment with Kossel now, too; we
might conduct it in September in
Politically, things are looking bleak.
Thank God that we aren’t dependent on the salary, ¢it looks pretty grim.²
I hope all of you are well, particularly
The children are presumably home,
provided they had the money to travel. The apartment renovations have probably
progressed meanwhile as
Warm regards to all of you from your
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