1 0 4 D O C U M E N T S 1 0 6 , 1 0 7 A U G U S T 1 9 2 3
searching for a recipe to calculate helium and the other atoms; but I’m not succeed-
ing in that, either. My encyclopedia article has
I shall be sending you
a copy in the near future. Otherwise, I am spending my time reading, going on
walks, occupying myself with the children and with music. I am practicing system-
atically and have, I believe, made some advances. Unfortunately, it is very difficult
here to call together a trio or a quartet.—In the last Annalen issue, where the fine
paper by Grüneisen and Goens on testing your theory of dissociation speed
there is an article by Gerold von Gleich on Mercury’s
tone of which I don’t like at all. Will you say anything in response to it? It really is
strange that so many people have absolutely no sense for the intrinsic probability
of a theory. Did you make any progress with the affine world?
Greet your wife very warmly from both of us. Yours,
106. Recommendation for David Reichinstein[1]
[Berlin,] 27 August 1923
I have known Dr. Reichinstein for a long time already, both personally as well
as through his articles. There is no doubt that the experimental and theoretical re-
searches by Mr. Reichinstein in regard to the chemistry and physics of boundary
layers between solid and liquid, or gaseous phases, have revealed aspects from
which one may anticipate a substantial contribution toward the elucidation of this
difficult field. Pertinent technical problems have also been occupying Mr. Reichin-
stein for years.
Albert Einstein.
107. To Heinrich Zangger
[Berlin,] 29 August 1923
Dear friend Zangger,
I’m not going to Bonn
after all, because it doesn’t fit into my schedule at
all. I am getting along excellently with Albert
We are spending the first
three weeks of September together in Kiel. Then he has
Tete looks good;
all three of us were visiting Anschütz in
At the end of September I have
to go to Leyden. Then from mid-October on I’ll be back in Berlin.
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