D O C U M E N T 1 1 4 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 3 1 0 9
and can play music and go sailing together. On Monday the 17th I’m hoping to go
to Bonn to the physicists’
and to arrive in Leyden on the 25th. If you
aren’t there immediately, it isn’t
I just don’t want to head back again
from Bonn. Then let’s see if we can’t clarify the zero-point problem, that is, the
question of whether yes or no, not a quantitative
I really did visit Bohr;
those were a grand couple of hours. I now also know what he meant by his com-
ment on our
Warm regards to you along with the children from your
Einstein with son.
P. S. I declined to go to the Solvay conference because I did not want to insult my
colleagues here, who are being excluded
114. From Georg Count von Arco[1]
Tempelhof, Berlin, 49/50 Albrecht St., 13 September 1923
Esteemed Professor,
In the interim you have probably received from Prof. Levitin the elaboration on
his Cultural Technology of the East, with the request to execute your
I hope that you are going to be able to place it under the general guidelines without
any reservations, as you have already approved them in spirit before and as the
present composition provides the guarantee that the individual direction be main-
tained. Even Privy Councilor Deutsch has executed his signature.
In addition, you surely have received an invitation to Moscow by the Soviet gov-
ernment. When I asked you during your visit to Telefunken whether you would be
going there, you answered me that although you would be very interested in be-
coming acquainted with the new Russia, you had more than enough of such invita-
tions for the time being and wanted foremost to rest for a while. I said so to Prof. L.
as well. Nevertheless, the local Russian representatives asked me again to impress
upon you, Professor, to undertake the trip after all. I myself shall be availing myself
of this invitation for a number of reasons and will deliver a few experimental pre-
sentations there in my field.
Prof. L. wants to arrange to travel later, along with me, to Moscow at the begin-
ning of October, whereas he had originally wanted to depart in the coming days.
He is just staying there for a short time and will probably be returning together with
me again.
It would naturally be a very special pleasure for all of us to be able to carry out
this interesting journey in your company. Meanwhile I already heard from your
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