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128. To Unknown
[Berlin,] 11 October 1923
Esteemed Doctor,
I am unfortunately not free on Tuesday evening. I don’t quite understand why
one is still negotiating about the two points you mentioned.
Although it cannot be denied that the League of Nations has failed on all the ma-
jor problems, its preservation and strengthening still is urgently desirable in the Eu-
ropean interest and quite especially in the Jewish interest.
About the excesses of anti-Semitism, I know of no recommendable direct mea-
sure, but certainly a prophylactic one: modest and inconspicuous deportment in
public, not just by men, but also by
There is no doubt that not enough
use has been made of this remedy. It would perhaps be useful to draw our own peo-
ple’s attention to this important point.
In utm[ost] respect,
A. Einstein.
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