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130. To Frieda Huber[1]
18 October 1923
[Not selected for translation.]
131. From Chaim Weizmann[1]
London W 14, 16 Addison Crescent, 24 October 1923
My dear Friend,
This is a note to ask you to join the Jewish Agency that is now about to be estab-
lished. You know what battles have been waged over this institution at the
I struggled to expand the base of our representation both within and
without, since I am convinced that we are not up to standard. The elders are too old
and inadequate and aren’t up to the task anymore. I hear from
to my
delight, that you would be prepared to assume the chairmanship of the university
board of
This alone already makes your entry into the J. A. almost a
requirement, since the Agency must treat and resolve all issues—the intellectual
ones as well—of its establishment. I know how busy you are but now is a critical
time; and from the Agency we expect a strengthening in all directions.
entered; I am counting on Oscar
from Germany; I hope that
from Paris will join. It will be a fine thing!
I am staying here another month, and then I am going to America again for I
don’t know how long, probably for one million pounds! I would still very much like
to see you before the departure; and I would be infinitely pleased if we could meet
in Holland. I have so much to tell you!
I heartily urge you to telegraph me after receipt of these lines; also be so good
as to let me know whether we can get together. Most sincere regards to you and
your loved ones.
Your faithful, much tormented but still good-humored
Ch. Weizmann.
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