D O C U M E N T S 1 3 2 , 1 3 3 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 3 1 3 1
132. To Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Nobel
Committee for Physics
Berlin, 26 October 1923
With reference to your
I permit myself to convey to you, in accor-
dance with the rules in the statutes of the Nobel
the following sug-
Franck and Hertz for their investigations on light excitation by electron
Langevin and Weiss for the statistical theory of
Stern and Gerlach for the experimental proof of the orientations of atoms in a
magnetic field called for by the quantum
Sommerfeld for his contributions to quantum
A. H. Compton for the discovery of the quantum scattering of
C. T. R. Wilson for the cloud [chamber] method to demonstrate ionization gen-
erated by corpuscular
P. Debye for his contributions to knowledge about molecular
Because it was difficult for me to make a specific proposal, to appease my con-
science I consider it right, even though this is not requested in the statutes, to list a
few other roughly equivalent possibilities.
In utmost respect,
133. To Chaim Weizmann
[Berlin,] 27 October 1923
Dear friend Weizmann,
I was very pleased with the direct sign of life from your
As to my dis-
position, it now stands as follows: I will do all that is asked of me as long as I do
not have to travel around for it or attend conferences. I shall be happy to lend my
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