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from here. Besides that I also visit a sick blind friend of
every week.
That’s all. But it agrees very well with me, and I don’t wish it otherwise.
The older I become, the less people mean to me. There are only very few for
whom one can really mean something and mostly—strangely enough—it is also
they who mean something to one.
Best regards to all from us, now. I hope Uncle and Aunt are
What are
To you I send all my love and good wishes, yours,
27. From Hans Mühsam[1]
Berlin W. 30, 11 Maaßen Street, 13 May 1923
Esteemed, dear Professor,
Today was the finest hiking weather. As you are unfortunately not available to
do that today, I use this Sunday morning for a report to you. Your wife is doing
quite well. For approximately a fortnight she has been on a mixed diet, lately with
some extra salt, without a recurrence of urinary casts or protein excretion. Provided
she is not far too careless, above all, avoids chill, the kidney inflammation ought to
be finally over

As concerns the manuscript of the gen. th. of relat., Prof. Warburg, who is in
America now, will probably report about the state of affairs upon his

Besides that I have now received a letter by the astronomer Maurice
the manuscript collection of the Jerusalem library in which he complains about the
intrigues of his “archenemy”
—The response to my inquiries about bi-
ographical notes and information on scientific achievements is extremely weak; I
believe that most of those asked do not want to have anything to do with Jewish
I don’t know whether you are going to Utrecht and will be with Professor
In that case I would like to remind you that Prof. Z. attributes an
important share of the physiological effect of potassium in the animal organism to
its radioactivity. When I reported this to you, you doubted the physical basis of this
assumption and said that you might perhaps have an opportunity to discuss it per-
sonally with Z.—
Since you already know, as I just heard, that Miss Ilse had colic attacks again, I
would likewise like to give you a report on
The first serious bout came
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