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38. To Albert Karr-Krüsi
[Berlin,] 23 May 1923
Dear Albert,
As you know, my Zurich family is getting the Nobel Prize. 45,000 Swiss francs
are leaving Stockholm for your business
Please keep them available for
They are supposed to serve as down payment on a house purchase (per-
haps also just 40,000 of
I am feeling well. But my wife is still down with her kidney
which she is only slowly recovering. Cordial greetings to both of you from your
39. To Leopold Koppel
Berlin, 23 May 1923
Esteemed Privy Councillor,
First of all, again my cordial thanks to you for supporting me so kindly in word
and deed. In the following, the necessary details: A little over 121,000 Kr. are
deposited in the “Stockholms Enskilda Bank” in Stockholm, of which 45,000
Swiss francs should be sent to Mr. Albert Karr, Karr and Lederer Company, St.
Anna Court, Bahnhof St., Zurich, at the disposal of Mrs. Mileva Einstein; the rest
should be forwarded to the American banking house with the order to invest about
50 percent in Argentine, 25 percent in Swedish, and 25 percent in Danish dollar
The relevant account should be in the name of Mrs. Mileva Einstein,
3 Büchner St., Zurich, and all interest should be sent to the afore-named; however,
until further notice I retain the management of the capital for myself.
With kind regards, yours.
40. To Hermann Weyl
[Berlin,] Tuesday after Pentecost [23 May] 1923
Dear Mr. Weyl,
You are right as regards the sign of the cosmological
This initially
wouldn’t do any harm, because the theory can be generalized quite freely, as I
meanwhile found out. One then arrives precisely at the field equations that you de-
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