D O C . 5 1 N O T E T O F R I E D M A N N 4 7
51. “Note to the Paper by A. Friedmann ‘On the
Curvature of Space’”[1]
[Einstein 1923g]
Received 31 May 1923
Published June–July 1923
In: Zeitschrift für Physik 16 (1923): 228.
In an earlier note
I exercised criticism on the mentioned paper.
My objection,
however, was based on a calculation error—as I have become persuaded, at the sug-
gestion of Mr. Krutkoff,[2] guided by a letter by Mr. Friedmann. I consider Mr.
Friedmann’s results correct and illuminating.[3] It is demonstrated that the field
equations permit, aside from the static solution, dynamic (i.e., variable with the
time coordinate), centrally symmetrical solutions for the structure of space.[4]
Z[eit]s[chrift] f[ür] Phys[ik], [vol.] 11, [p.] 326, 1922.
Ibidem, [vol.] 10, [p.] 377, 1922.
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