6 4 D O C U M E N T S 6 5 , 6 6 J U N E 1 9 2 3
Mr. Stampe has now become impudent and is construing entitlements out of our
almost punishable good nature. I think, though, you are now sufficiently informed;
if not, I request that you seek further information from Dr. Stern.
With great respect,
65. From Albert Karr-Krüsi
Zurich 2, Etzel Street, 13 June 1923
Dear Albert,
Due to your imprecise arrangement, I unfortunately had a very unpleasant inci-
dent with your first
which compels me to write to you along the lines of the
enclosed, and I would like to ask you at the same time to instruct me about your
assets and securities deposited with me; that is, I will, presuming your acquies-
cence, deposit them under your name at the Schweiz. Kreditanstalt. I find it ex-
tremely peculiar of you to write me that I should make available to Mrs. Mileva
Einstein only Fr
and to write her that she had 45,000.– francs to receive
I can do without being drawn under suspicion in reward for all my ac-
With warm regards between households, yours,
66. To Menahem M. Ussishkin[1]
[Berlin,] 19 June 1923
Dear Mr. Ussishkin,
After careful consideration I decided not to come to Karlsbad
after all. I
have become so nervous through upsets and nasty experiences of late that I cannot
tolerate such a hubbub as a congress; I definitely must have some peace.
I am sorry to have to disappoint you; but I cannot do otherwise. And for this rea-
son you really cannot think worse of me than:
“This animal is very malicious,
When attacked, it defends
Cordial regards, yours,
A. Einstein.
P. S. Perhaps the goal can be achieved with something in writing. (Report for the
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