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Page numbers followed by a lowercase “n” indicate endnotes to Einstein documents. Italic
page numbers indicate references to front matter or to editorial notes, including their foot-
notes. References are collected under the appropriate English heading. Certain institutions,
organizations, and concepts that have no standard English translation are listed under their
German designation (with cross references from an English translation). “Albert Einstein”
is abbreviated to “AE” in subentries. Correspondence cited in editorial material is listed al-
phabetically by correspondent/recipient following the words “correspondence with” (refer-
ring to a group of letters exchanged with AE) and/or “letter from/to” (referring to specific
letters). A separate index of citations follows the main index.
Aberration, 127–128n, 178n, 246, 310, 321n,
466. See also Stokes, George Gabriel, theory
of aberration of
Abraham, Max (1875–1922), 321n, 355
absolute, 371n
and gravitation, 116–118, 121n, 266, 354,
357n (see also Equivalence, principle of)
8-Uhr Abendblatt, 106, 287n, 348n
Acoustics, molecular. See Molecular acoustics
at a distance, 308–309, 316, 349n
local, 308–309, 372, 407
Adams, Edwin P. (1878–1956), 570n–571n,
573n, 576n, 590
Addition of velocities, law of, 523
Adiabatic process, in chemical reactions, 325
Adler, Friedrich (1879–1960), 121n; letter from
AE, 121n, 572n
Adler, Saul (1895–1966), 436n
AEG. See Allgemeine Elektrizitätsgesellschaft
gyrocompass for, 190
rotation along vertical axis, 192
Alldeutscher Verband (Pan-German League),
112, 282n
Allgemeine Elektrizitätsgesellschaft (AEG)
legal dispute with Sannig & Co., 242–243
letter from AE, 244n
letter from Dr. Blau to AE, 243n
Alpha particles, 339
American Jewish Physicians’ Committee, 436n
American Relief Administration, 332n; Euro-
pean Children’s Fund of, 332n
Ampère’s molecular current. See Electric cur-
rent, molecular
Anarchism, 124n
Angular momentum and magnetic moment. See
Magnetic moment, and angular momentum
Annalen der Physik, 103, 349n
“Anschaulichkeit.” See Physics, intuitive quality
Anschütz & Co.
legal dispute with Gesellschaft für nautische
Instrumente (Society of Nautical Instru-
ments), 81–84
legal dispute with Kreiselbau Co., 190–195
letter to AE, 84n–85n
letter to Chief of the Admiralty: see Licht,
Hugo, letter to Chief of the Admiralty
patent, 81–84, 192–195
Anschütz-Kaempfe, Hermann (1872–1931),
xxix, 84n–85n
Anti-relativists, xxxi–xxxii, 101–113, 279n, 357n
AE’s response to, 345–347
and anti-Semitism, 102, 106, 112, 348n
appeals to common sense, 105, 118–119,
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