(Illustrations follow p. 282)
1. Einstein in Berlin, 1919. (Courtesy Library of Congress)
2. Max Born, 1918. (Courtesy American Institute of Physics, Emilio Segré
Visual Archives, Landé Collection)
3. Leonhard Grebe. (Courtesy Grebe Family, Cologne)
4. Arthur Stanley Eddington. (Courtesy Smithsonian Institution Libraries,
Washington, D.C.)
5. Solar eclipse, 29 May 1919. (Courtesy Royal Astronomical Society,
6. Drawing by Anna Ehrenfest, 1919. (Courtesy Albert Einstein Archives)
7. Einstein and Paul Ehrenfest. Drawing by Maryke Kamerlingh Onnes.
(Courtesy American Institute of Physics, Emilio Segré Visual Archives, gift
of Stan Fraydas)
8. Moritz Schlick. (Courtesy University of Vienna)
9. Theodor Kaluza. (Courtesy Theodor Kaluza Stiftung)
10. Felix Ehrenhaft. (Courtesy American Institute of Physics, Emilio Segrè
Visual Archives)
11. Paul Epstein. (Courtesy of Archives, California Institute of Technology)
12. Portrait by Suse Byk. (Courtesy Ullstein Bild)
13. Helene Stöcker. (Courtesy Swarthmore College, Peace Collections, Papers
of Helene Stöcker)
14. Silhouettes of Albert, Elsa, Ilse, and Margot Einstein by Einstein, 1919.
(Courtesy Albert Einstein Archives, Otto Nathan Papers)
15. Painting by Thea Schleussner, 1916. (Courtesy The Hebrew University,
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