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1919 Arthur Haas dedicates his book, Einführung in die theoreti-
sche Physik. Leipzig: Veith, 1919: “Herrn Professor Dr. Ein-
stein in größter Hochachtung Arthur Haas.” Provenance:
IsJHU [74 344].
E. E. Barnard dedicates his paper “On the Dark Markings of
the Sky with a Catalogue of 182 Such Objects,” Astrophysi-
cal Journal 49 (1 January 1919): “Professor Einstein from
E. E. Barnard.” Provenance: IsJHU. [74 343].
Attends a Zionist meeting in 1919. Provenance: Moos to
Central-Verein, 29 December 1919, Nachl. Moritz Sobern-
heim, 1287/1349277–78 in Niewyk 1980, p. 146, fn. 100.
[81 254].
January 3 2-page TLS from Hans Kost in Elberfeld. Asks about
research opportunities at KWIP and lists his technical back-
ground. Provenance: GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 7, Mappe
Kost. [77 827].
January 5 Spartakus uprising in Berlin.
before January 9 Travels together with Elsa to Switzerland.
January 9 1-page TLC from Emil Warburg to the Swedish Royal
Academy. Proposes to nominate Einstein for Nobel prize in
physics for “enriching” (“Fruchtbarmachung”) the quantum
hypothesis, the theory of relativity, and the theory of gravi-
tation. Provenance: SSVA, Center for History of Science,
1919 Fysik. [83 047].
1-page TLS from Department of Education, Canton of Zur-
ich, accepting Einstein’s request to lecture at the University
of Zurich earlier than previously arranged, beginning
20 January 1919. Provenance: SzZU, Rektorats-Archiv,
Nr. 208-10. IsJHU. [45 352].
January 10 Cover letter from Adolf von Harnack and circular dated
8 December 1918 to members of the KWG, reporting on
meeting of 2 December 1918, and pertaining to new regula-
tions governing the Society after the abdication of
Wilhelm II. Provenance: GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 6,
Mappe Kaiser Wilhelm Gesellschaft. [78 101], [78 102].
January 13 The Department of Education, Canton of Zurich, announces
Einstein as lecturer at the University of Zurich. Provenance:
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 2d Noon Edition. [82 747].
January 15 Communist leaders Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg
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