C A L E N D A R 1 9 1 9 5 6 3
hardt, 30 April 1919, GyMIZ, Nachl. Nicolai, ED 184, Bd.
50. [82 610].
Summer semester Course in theoretical physics at the University of Zürich.
Draws 15 students and 22 auditors. Provenance: SzZU,
Rektorats-Archiv, memo of 30 May 1952. [81 530].
May 1 3-page ALS from Georg Krakow in Karlsruhe. Asks for
research stipend from the KWIP. Provenance: GyBP, I. Abt.,
Rep. 34, Nr. 7, Mappe Krakow. [77 829].
1-page TL to Hugo A. Krüss. Forwards Otto Radtke’s
request of 29 April for remuneration. Provenance: GyBP,
I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 9, Mappe Radtke. [77 580].
May 1–3 Bavarian Soviet Republic defeated by the Reichswehr and
the Bavarian Freikorps; Gustav Landauer killed in prison.
May 2 1-page TL to Karl Försterling in Danzig-Langfuhr. KWIP
will award 2,000 M, pending the approval of the board of
trustees, provided that the apparatus to be procured become
property of KWIP in order to be used after completion of
research for other scientific purposes. Provenance: GyBP,
I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 2, Mappe Försterling. [78 011].
1-page TLS to KWIP board of trustees. Rudolf Seeliger was
granted 500 M. However, the instruments he will buy cost
1,000 M. The KWIP board of directors suggests paying
Seeliger the rest of the money. Provenance: GyBP, I. Abt.,
Rep. 1A, Nr. 1656. [77 277].
1-page TLS from Wilhelm von Siemens to Friedrich Glum.
Returns the Haushaltungsplan of KWIP for 1919 (entry of
April 23), asking for explanation as to why Einstein set the
bank interests in the income of 1919 so low. As to the
expenses for various job positions, he cannot take a stand.
Friedrich Glum forwards the letter to Otto Radtke. Prove-
nance: GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 1A, Nr. 1665, Bl. 24. [77 950].
1-page ALS from Wilhelm Hallwachs in Dresden. Requests
900 M from KWIP in order to buy an electrometer for
research on the effect of a gas on the red limit of the photo-
electric effect. Provenance: GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 4,
Mappe Hallwachs. [78 068].
2-page TLS from H. Seemann. Is disappointed about not
receiving stipend, thanks for the 3,000 M. He will buy an X-
ray spectrometer that will cost at least 3,000 M. On Ein-
stein’s inquiry (in a nonextant letter) whether Seemann had
rejected a position at the Physikalisch-Technische
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