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January 14–16 Dates of the planned conference of scholars on the Hebrew
University in Basel that was postponed (and never held).
January 15 Lectures on “Das Trägheitsmoment des Wasserstoff-
Moleküls” to the physical-mathematical class of the PAW.
(“Wendet man die Tetrodesche Theorie der Entropiekon-
stante auf den Freiheitsgrad der Rotation des Wasserstoffes
an, so erhält man eine Formel, welche aus der Kurve der
spezifischen Wärme das Trägheitsmoment J ohne Quanten-
theorie exakt zu berechnen gestattet. Man erhält so den Wert
. Die Publikation erfolgt später”.)
Provenance: Preußische Akademie der Wissenschaften (Ber-
lin). Sitzungsberichte (1920): 65.
At the same session signs a motion for electing two corre-
sponding members (Arnold Sommerfeld and Peter Debye).
Provenance: GyBAW, II–III, Bd. 138, Bl. 51; II–V, Bd. 134,
Bl. 123–125. [83 950], [83 774].
At the same session is asked for assessment of Möller’s
manuscript, “Lösung des Gravitationsproblems.” Prove-
nance: GyBAW, II-V, Bd. 134, Bl. 123–125. [83 774].
1-page TLCS from Max Planck to Vereinigung wissen-
schaftlicher Verleger Walter de Gruyter & Co. The secretar-
iat of the PAW proposes that De Gruyter reprint Einstein’s
papers listed (?) in its letter of 18 December 1919. Prove-
nance: GyBAW, II-XVI, Bd. 20, Bl. 228. [83 904].
January 17 Excerpt of LS. Thanks Richard Fleischer for 2,000 M sent
in support of two researchers in Bonn (Grebe and Bachem),
adds that he would pass the sum to them, and acknowledges
receipt of the latest issue of Deutsche Revue. Provenance:
French auction catalog (?). [79 420].
1-page TLC from Leonard S. Ornstein to Nobel Committee.
Proposes Einstein for the Nobel prize in physics for 1920,
arguing that general relativity and theory of gravitation are
not only general theories of the universe but also capable of
demonstrating the connections among “natural phenom-
ena.” Provenance: SSVA, Center for History of Science,
1919 Fysik. [83 054].
January 19 1-page TL to Adolf von Harnack. Accepts the invitation,
and adds that Erwin Freundlich will accompany him to the
lecture (see entry of 14 January). Provenance: GyBP, I.
Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 6, Mappe KWG. [78 107].
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