C A L E N D A R 1 9 2 0 5 9 7
2-page TLS from Vieweg publishing house. The 5th edition
of Einstein 1917a (Vol. 6, Doc. 42) will be published in a
few days with 4,500 copies (the number is limited by the
paper shortage). The royalty of 2,250 M has been mailed.
There is a contradiction between Robert W. Lawson’s state-
ment that Einstein gave him the right of translation for free,
and Einstein’s claim in entry of 3 January that he wants not
half, but 2/3, of the 3 pence per copy. The English edition of
Einstein 1917a can cause losses for the German one, since
those interested in the book can read German both in Great
Britain and the U.S., and would buy the German original if
an English translation were unavailable. Vieweg insists on
their original terms. Ask about Einstein’s terms for a Swed-
ish translation on which an inquiry was made by Axel
Jonsson, Landskrona. Provenance: IsJHU. [42 018].
after January 19 Elsa Einstein in a letter to Hedwig Born mentions verse for
Cornelia Wolff. Provenance: Hedwig Born, Seelig 1956,
pp. 35–36, and IsJHU. [31 051, 76 198].
January 21 1-page TLC to Vieweg publishing house. In his previous let-
ter he had approved the English terms of 3 pence per copy
under the assumption that these represent 0.30 shilling, and
hopes this is correct. For the Swedish translation of Einstein
1917a (Vol. 6, Doc. 42) asks for 0.30 Kronen per copy.
Attaches an inquiry for a Polish translation. Sets the com-
pensation for himself and the publisher at 8–10%. As to
how to share the compensation with Vieweg, he leaves it to
the publisher. Provenance: IsJHU. [42 019].
January 22 AKSX to Walter Tschuppik, editor of Prager Tagblatt.
Comments favorably on article by Tschuppik. Criticizes
only that in the end consequences of general relativity are
presented as if they would follow from special relativity.
“Hat aber wenig zu sagen. Der Zeitungsleser nimmts nicht
so genau (Selbstschutz der Natur).” Provenance: IsJHU. [25
January 23 1-page Dft to Cambridge University Press. German lan-
guage original version of Doc. 285. Provenance: IsJHU.
[44 262].
January 24 Is recommended for Nobel prize by Lorentz, Julius, Zee-
man, and Kamerlingh Onnes: “By making progress in the
field of gravitation for the first time since Newton, he has
placed himself among the first tier of physicists of all time”
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