C A L E N D A R 1 9 2 0 6 0 9
(see entry of 5 March) and a reply of Harnack to Kaiser,
informing him belatedly, due to the recent unrest, that he is
seeking to obtain second opinions within a few days. Prove-
nance: GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 1A, Nr. 173. [77 143].
1-page TLS from Robert W. Lawson. Repeats parts of his
letter of 22 February, as yet unanswered by Einstein. He will
submit the English translation of Einstein 1917a (Vol. 6,
Doc. 42) on 17 April, therefore urges Einstein to send the
additions on experimental confirmation of general theory of
relativity, as well as a short résumé and a portrait. Inquires
about the article for Nature. Provenance: IsJHU. [4 011].
Paul Frei’s lecture held in the Society “A Guaranteed Sub-
sistence for All” in Vienna, entitled “Der Weg zur Nähr-
pflicht. Die Verwirklichung der Reformvorschläge des
Sozialethikers Josef Popper-Lynkeus.” With handwritten
dedication: “Vom Verfasser überreicht.” Provenance: Ein-
stein’s Library, IsJHU.
before April 1 Budget plan of KWIP for fiscal year 1 April 1920 to 31
March 1921. Planned budget of KWIP is 100,000 M. Prove-
nance: GyBP, I. Abt., 1A, Nr. 62. [77 099].
April Dedication to Mathilde Zangger-Mayenfisch on cover of
Mayer 1919: “Frau Prof. Zangger zum Andenken. A. Ein-
stein. April 1920.” [122 838].
early April Hermann & Co. contacts Einstein on the French publication
of Einstein 1917a (Vol. 6, Doc. 42). Provenance: Jeanne
Rouvière’s to Einstein, 15 May 1920, IsJHU. [44 823].
around April 1 Statement of account of the KWIP for the period 1 January
to 31 March 1920 (Mendelssohn & Co.). Provenance:
GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 8, Mappe Mendelssohn.
[77 886].
April 4 “An Exchange of Scientific Literature” (Vol. 7, Doc. 36) is
2-page ALS from Walter Hasenclever in Berlin. Invitation
to attend his reading of his unpublished play “Jenseits” (see
Hasenclever 1920). Provenance: IsJHU. [34 100].
April 5 Sends reply to Central-Verein deutscher Staatsbürger jüdi-
schen Glaubens (Vol. 7, Doc. 37).
1-page TLS to Adolf von Harnack. In answering Harnack’s
letter (see entry of 31 March), doubts that Josef Kaiser’s
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