6 1 0 C A L E N D A R 1 9 2 0
proposal (see entry of 5 March) is feasible, but suggests to
go forward with soliciting a referee’s report before coopera-
tion with a KWG institute is proposed. Provenance: GyBP,
I. Abt., Rep. 1A, Nr. 173. [77 145].
1-page TLC to Berufsamt für Akademiker E. V. Declines
invitation to lecture because he is overwhelmed by similar
requests. Proposes Max Born as speaker. Provenance:
IsJHU. [43 257].
April 6 4-page ALS from [Franz Xaver?] Bachem, Albert Bachem’s
father. Albert Bachem has no means for an academic career,
and applied for a position in a Dutch lightbulb factory. Asks
for help in saving his talented son for science. Provenance:
IsJHU. [6 044].
1-page TLS from Great Lodge of Germany VIII of the Inde-
pendent Order of B’nai Brith in Berlin. Belated answer to
Einstein’s letter of 12 March. 10,000 M had been trans-
ferred to the Einstein Donation Fund. They are requesting
additional donations from German and foreign donors. In
addition, they are reassuring him that fundraising for the
Jews from abroad is a continuing effort. (It is likely that Ein-
stein requested in a nonextant letter that the funds initially
raised be used for assistance to needy Jews, rather than for
the Einstein Donation Fund.) Provenance: IsJHU. [43 799].
before April 7 Completes “Ether and the Theory of Relativity” (Vol. 7,
Doc. 38).
April 8 1-page TLS from Barth publishing house. Thanks for con-
sent to reprint Einstein 1916f and asks for the galleys of its
republication by Teubner publishing house in order to incor-
porate Einstein’s corrections. Provenance: IsJHU. [41 997].
Submits “Propagation of Sound in Partly Dissociated
Gases” (Vol. 7, Doc. 39) to the physical-mathematical class
of the PAW. [83 777].
April 9 Is elected foreign member of the Royal Danish Academy of
Sciences and Letters.
3-page TLS from Theodor Däubler in Dresden. “Wostok,” a
Russian-German publishing house, was founded for the pur-
pose of translating the best works from Russian into Ger-
man and vice versa. Requests permission to include one of
Einstein’s later works in an anthology “Deutsche Geister.”
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