How To Use This Site

Content Navigation and Reading

The volumes, which mirror the print publications, can be read in an intuitive interface, with the ability to page through the content, select specific volumes and texts through the table of contents, or search for specific concepts and terms.

The right and left arrows on the keyboard can be used to page through the content as well.


There are four primary links in the volumes: linking the documentary volume to the translation, linking endnotes, linking the texts to the archival record of each published document at the Einstein Archives Online, and index links. Examples of the these links are in the images below.

The link for each text heading will link between the documentary edition and the translation for each volume. Please note that not all of the texts have been selected for translation.

The endnote text appears only in the documentary edition, though the translations have links to that edition.

Please see the images below for the key to the reader.

The table of contents for each volume is always available through the interface, to aid in navigating through the content.

Search and Advanced Search

The quick search on the home page and within the reader searches across the entire content on the site. Because the documentary edition has the texts in the language in which they were written, the quick search may not produce the precise results desired.

The Advance Search will allow you to choose German or English to allow for more precise results. There is also an option to filter the search by volume number.

advanced search example

An example of an Advanced Search.