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“A wonder . . . I experienced as a child of 4 or 5 years, when
my father showed me a compass. . . . I can still remember—
or at least I believe I can remember —that this experience
made a deep and lasting impression upon me” (Einstein
1979, p. 8).
Receives private instruction at home. He is still under the
age for admission to a Munich public primary school.
Mar 31 The Einstein family registers at Rengerweg 14 (later
renamed Adlzreiterstr.), first floor, in the Sendling district of
ca. Oct 1 Enters the Petersschule on Blumenstr., a Catholic primary
school, probably beginning in the second grade. Private
Jewish religious instruction also begins, leading “to a deep
religiosity, which, however, found an abrupt ending at the
age of 12” (Einstein 1979, p. 2).
“I had violin lessons between the ages of 6 & 14. . . . I only
learned something at the age of 13, after I fell in love mostly
with Mozart’s sonatas” (Einstein to Philipp Frank, draft let-
ter, 1940).
ca. Oct 1 Enters class IIIa of the Petersschule. The class has 70
Nov 12 Is transferred to class IIIb.
ca. Oct 1 Enters class IVb, which has 71 pupils.
Sep 26 Entrance examinations in religion, German, and arithmetic
are held at the Luitpold-Gymnasium in Munich.
Oct 1 Enters the first year of the nine-year Luitpold-Gymnasium.
The school year consists of a winter and a summer semester,
and lasts from 1 October to 8 August (10 September to 14
July as of 1891).
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