CALENDAR 1920 6 0 1
spherical geometry of the universe, with it the validity of
Einstein’s theory, and give information on its size and the
energy of matter in it. If, however, the universe is not close
to spherical, or the star moves with respect to its place of
birth, or, as a consequence of the large size of the universe,
the period of oscillation is too long to be observed, the
method fails. [25 143].
September 27 1-page TLS from Freie Akademische Vereinigung an der
Technischen Hochschule Dresden. Because of the citywide
interest in Einstein’s prospective lecture, proposes a larger
hall for the event. [43 575].
September 28 In Stuttgart delivers a lecture at the Verein “Schwäbische
Sternwarte” “zugunsten einer Volkssternwarte.”
1-page TLS from Vieweg publishing house. Asks whether
the check for 14,400 M has arrived. [42 067].
September 29 1-page TLS from Deutscher Gesellig-wissenschaftlicher
Verein in New York. The benefits from its golden jubilee
festivities will help the Weimar Schiller Funds. Solicits con-
tribution to a commemorative album on the subject of how
intellectuals can help restore reconciliation and friendship
among former enemy countries. [43 536].
after September 29 Draft on the “Contribution of Intellectuals to International
Reconciliation” (Vol. 7, Doc. 47) is completed.
October 1 A special lectureship at Princeton University is offered.
October 2 “Grüsse an die norwegischen Studenten” is published in
Akademisk Revy 3 (1920) (see Doc. 141).
October 4 Minister of education informs the board of trustees of the
Einstein Donation Fund that the minister of finance put
200,000 M at the disposal of the board for the purchase of a
spectrograph [from Carl Zeiss Company, Jena], and that no
objections were raised [by the government of Potsdam] to
the construction plan. The construction will be supervised
by the chief architect of Potsdam. Kirsten and Treder 1979,
p. 96.
October 6 Meets Hans Albert and Eduard Einstein in Sigmaringen and
takes them to Benzingen.
The ministry of education publishes Einstein’s letter to Kon-
rad Haenisch (Doc. 137) to deny the rumors of Einstein’s
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