1 5 4 D O C U M E N T 6 2 R E V I E W O F P A U L I Published in Die Naturwissenschaften 10 (1922): 184–185, on 24 February 1922. [1]Pauli was born on 25 April 1900 and completed his article, Pauli 1921, in December 1920, while still a graduate student in Munich. He added final corrections at proof stage, taking into consideration criticism expressed by Felix Klein, shortly before presenting himself to the doctoral examination on 25 July 1921 (Hermann et al. 1979, pp. 27–32). The published text of the article in the Encyclopädie der mathematischen Wissenschaften was issued on 15 September 1921, and then independently as a Sonderdruck, with a preface by Arnold Sommerfeld. For Einstein’s earlier praise of Pauli, see Einstein to Hedwig and Max Born, 30 December 1921 (Vol. 12, Doc. 345). [2]Almost forty years later, Pauli published an English translation of this review with critical com- ments (Pauli 1958), which was subsequently reissued as a Dover reprint. For a recent reprint with edi- torial comments, see Giulini and Meyenn 2000 for another contemporary review of Pauli’s book, see Madelung 1922.
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