1 3 6 D O C U M E N T S 1 4 2 , 1 4 3 A P R I L 1 9 2 2
Friday 9h 17 in the evening ([Lehrter sta[tion]). About the packages of candy from
and Mr. Höchstetter, both of which I gave away as gifts in Paris, you
don’t have to shed a single tear; I herewith assign you to take 400 marks and, after
consulting with Margot and Mother, to buy all kinds of candy. Protest by Mother
doesn’t count; for this is a matter of replacing gifts given over there. I’ll write to
So, I’ll be happy to see you all again. I’m very eager to go home again.
Don’t tell anyone, except
that I’m coming back so that I can snooze for
a few days. I’m very glad now that I was in Paris, because I was able to do a really
good deed. Warm regards to all three of you, yours,
142. From Hans Albert Einstein
[Zurich, 12 April 1922]
Dear Papa,
As busy as your life now is, as I gather from the postcard and newspaper, mine
is as quiet. Imagine: Vacation, and all alone at home. (Teddy is in
This is fine relaxation after such an exhausting quarter as the last one
gave me such smart advice about the “fair
I just have to comment that this
fair “s.” isn’t always “all that fair,” I realized that on that occasion!
Music really is better; you can [choose] it yourself and don’t have to wait and
see what happens to come crawling along. With Mr. Gonzenbach I played 2 Tartini
sonatas and a Bach sonatina and the Beethoven concerto (of Kiel); that was really
Nothing beats a beautiful booklet. But I also did something you never did:
I accompanied a clarinet: Mozart and Brahms; nice too, but difficult!
How are you, by the way? I guess you don’t have any time for yourself again!
Well, greetings from
to you and to Anschütz!
143. From Peter Debye
Zurich, 14 April 1922
Dear Einstein,
I just received your
and hurry to reply.
To start with the second paragraph of your letter, I first note that you share my
view that for statistical reasons polarization forces also produce a growing attrac-
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