1 3 6 D O C U M E N T S 1 4 2 , 1 4 3 A P R I L 1 9 2 2 Friday 9h 17 in the evening ([Lehrter sta[tion]). About the packages of candy from Mrs. Deng[4] and Mr. Höchstetter, both of which I gave away as gifts in Paris, you don’t have to shed a single tear I herewith assign you to take 400 marks and, after consulting with Margot and Mother, to buy all kinds of candy. Protest by Mother doesn’t count for this is a matter of replacing gifts given over there. I’ll write to Debye.[5] So, I’ll be happy to see you all again. I’m very eager to go home again. Don’t tell anyone, except Schottki,[6] that I’m coming back so that I can snooze for a few days. I’m very glad now that I was in Paris, because I was able to do a really good deed. Warm regards to all three of you, yours, Albert. 142. From Hans Albert Einstein [Zurich, 12 April 1922] Dear Papa, As busy as your life now is, as I gather from the postcard and newspaper, mine is as quiet. Imagine: Vacation, and all alone at home. (Teddy is in Rheinfelden.)[1] This is fine relaxation after such an exhausting quarter as the last one was.[2] You gave me such smart advice about the “fair sex.”[3] I just have to comment that this fair “s.” isn’t always “all that fair,” I realized that on that occasion! Music really is better you can [choose] it yourself and don’t have to wait and see what happens to come crawling along. With Mr. Gonzenbach I played 2 Tartini sonatas and a Bach sonatina and the Beethoven concerto (of Kiel) that was really fine.[4] Nothing beats a beautiful booklet. But I also did something you never did: I accompanied a clarinet: Mozart and Brahms nice too, but difficult! How are you, by the way? I guess you don’t have any time for yourself again! Well, greetings from Adn to you and to Anschütz! 143. From Peter Debye Zurich, 14 April 1922 Dear Einstein, I just received your letter[1] and hurry to reply. To start with the second paragraph of your letter, I first note that you share my view that for statistical reasons polarization forces also produce a growing attrac-
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