6 4 D O C . 3 1 C A L C U L A T I O N S
[1]Dated by the fact that the calculations are written on the back of Abs. 56.
[2]The formulation of the affine field theory found in Einstein 1923e (Vol. 13, Doc. 425) in terms
of a Hamiltonian principle was first given in Einstein 1923h (Doc. 13). Calculations pertaining to the
variational formulation of this paper can be found in Einstein’s Japan diary (Vol. 13, Doc. 418,
[p. 43]). The variational calculations in the present document appear to be related to the variational
principle as given in Einstein 1923n (Doc. 52), eq. (13).
[3]This equation is the starting point for an experimental investigation carried out by Hermann
Mark in late summer 1923; see Doc. 152.
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