D O C . 3 1 4 O N L E A G U E O F N A T I O N S 4 8 9 Published in Frankfurter Zeitung 69, no. 646 (29 August 1924): 1. [1]The fourth session of the International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation had taken place between 25 and 29 July (see Doc. 292). Prior to that, Einstein had attended the sessions of the sub- committee on bibliography, which met on 23–24 July (see Doc. 291). [2]He had already expressed his support for Germany joining the League of Nations a year earlier (see Einstein 1923r [Doc. 82]). [3]Among the other nations that had not joined the League of Nations were the United States and the Soviet Union (see Hastedt 2004, p. 290). [4]Among the French intellectuals he met in Geneva were Henri Bergson, Paul Langevin, Marie Curie-Sk¤odowska, and Julien Luchaire (see Docs. 291 and 292, and League 1924, pp. 5–6). [5]The London Conference was held from 16 July to 16 August 1924 and was hosted by British prime minister Ramsay MacDonald. At the conference, Germany, the Allied Nations, and the Repa- rations Commission agreed to adopt the Dawes Plan of April 1924. The plan aimed to enable Ger- many to make its reparation payments and simultaneously restore its devastated economy. New measures were established to regulate Germany’s foreign currency payments to the Allies (see Vossi- sche Zeitung, 16 July 1924, EE, and 16 August 1924, EE and Schulze 1998, p. 274).
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