D O C U M E N T 1 5 1 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 3 1 4 7
strong man capable of solving such problems. One loves
and feels sorry for
and doesn’t want to hurt her so severely. So I stand there helplessly and resign-
edly, like you. But the very feeling that we understand each other and I can say Du
to you and that I can say all this, how I feel, so freely makes me happy and rich and
also grateful to you, you kind girl. If I may not guide you through life, then be sure
that, for the life of me, I would like to! Heartfelt thanks for the little portrait because
it comes from you. But it’s not you. What did that bungler make of you?—a tacky
picture-postcard of a maiden instead of a real chum, one as hearty as you are. As
soon as I have another decent picture of me, you will get one; I only have an invol-
untary caricature of a passport photo here that I can’t offer you. I don’t know how
long I’m going to be sitting here; that those rascals are carrying out their nastiness
just when you’re coming to
And yet, perhaps there’s a good and deep sig-
nificance behind it but don’t think I’m superstitious! Still, I have resigned my-
self to not thinking of America anymore, which nobody can understand better than
you. Why should one go to sea without any wind in one’s sails and no coal for the
steam boiler?
Tenderly wishing you the best of luck, wherever it may come from, yours,
A. Einstein.
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